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39 New Pre construction homes, condos and townhomes for sale in Pickering.

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Pre Construction Homes in Pickering, Ontario

Discover the pinnacle of New Construction opportunities with pre construction homes in Pickering, exclusively at Unveiling a curated collection of upcoming pre-construction home projects in Pickering, Condomonk stands as your premier destination for navigating the dynamic real estate landscape. Dive into our comprehensive database, meticulously crafted to showcase the latest in New Pre construction homes, empowering you to make informed investment decisions. Don't miss out on your chance to secure the perfect pre-construction home in Pickering. Explore now!

Top 5 Pre Constuction Homes In Pickering:

1. Pickering City Centre

  • Developer: CentreCourt
  • Pricing coming soon
  • Project Status: Selling
  • Project Location:Pickering City Centre Community | 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON

2. VuPoint Condos

  • Developer: Tribute Communities
  • Starting from Low $ 587k
  • Project Status: Selling
  • Project Location:1776 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON

3. VuPoint Condos 2

  • Developer: Tribute Communities
  • Starting from Low $ 579k
  • Project Status: Selling
  • Project Location:1792 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON, Canada

4. The Grand at Universal City

  • Developer: Chestnut Hill Developments
  • Starting from Low $ 565.9k
  • Project Status: Selling
  • Project Location:1474 Bayly Street, Pickering, ON

5. DeerView Heights

  • Developer: Stonepay
  • Starting from Low $ 789.9k
  • Project Status: Selling
  • Project Location:1655 Palmers Sawmill Road, Pickering, ON

Pre construction homes in Pickering:

1. VuPoint Condos 2

  - Status: Selling

  - Address: 1776 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: Tribute Communities

2. Rougemount Square Condos

  - Status: Planning Phase

  - Address: 375 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, Canada

  - Developer: Decade Capital

3. 875 Kingston Road Condos

  - Status: Selling

  - Address: 875 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, Canada

  - Developer: Sphere Developments

4. 1294 Kingston Road Condos

  - Status: Planning Phase

  - Address: 1294 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, Canada

  - Developer: Altona Group

5. 699 Kingston Road Condos

  - Status: Planning Phase

  - Address: 699 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: Sorbara Group of Companies

6. 1525 Pickering Parkway Condos

  - Status: Planning Phase

  - Address: 1525 Pickering Parkway, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: Pickering Valley Developments Limited

7. VuPoint Condos 2

  - Status: Selling

  - Address: 1792 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON, Canada

  - Developer: Tribute Communities

8. SmartCentres Pickering Condos

  - Status: Upcoming

  - Address: 1899 Brock Road, Pickering, ON, Canada

  - Developer: SmartREIT and SmartCentres

9. The Highmark Condos

  - Status: Upcoming

  - Address: 1640 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: Highmark Homes

10. Pickering City Centre Condos

  - Status: Selling

  - Address: 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: CentreCourt

11. The Grand at Universal City

  - Status: Selling

  - Address: 1474 Bayly Street, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: Chestnut Hill Developments

12. VuPoint Condos

  - Status: Selling

  - Address: 1776 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON

  - Developer: Tribute Communities

13.Seaton Greens

  • By Lebovic Homes
  • Starting from Low $ 989.92k
  • Project Location:Burkholder Drive & Skyridge Boulevard
  • Units:277

14.Cityside - Phase 3

  • By OPUS Homes
  • Starting from Low $ 1.73M
  • Project Location:York Durham Line & McKean Drive, Whitchurch-Stouffville
  • Units:21

15.Trails of Whitevale

  • By Sundial Homes Limited
  • Project Location:Whitevale Road & Whites Road, Pickering
  • Units:339

16.Greenwood Seaton

  • By OPUS Homes
  • Project Location:Taunton Road & Sideline 24, Pickering
  • Units:TBA

17.Valley Farm Towns

  • By Dwellus Homes
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:1954 Valley Farm Road, Pickering
  • Units:4

18.Je Vila

  • By Revation Group
  • Project Location:2620 Brock Road, Pickering, ON
  • Units:30

19.The Highmark Condos

  • By Highmark Homes
  • Starting from Low $ 506.99k
  • Project Location:1640 Kingston Rd, Pickering
  • Units:346

20.Riverside, Towns on Brock

  • By Skale Developments
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:2165 Brock Road, Pickering, ON
  • Units:53

21. Seaton South

  • By OPUS Homes
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:Marathon Avenue & Hibiscus Drive, Pickering
  • Units:TBA

22. Dali

  • By Fairgate Homes
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:1999 Altona Road, Pickering, ON
  • Units:48

23. Pines Ridge

  • By Centreville Homes
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:313 Toynevale Road, Pickering, ON
  • Units:14

24. 699 Kingston Road Condos

  • By Sorbara Group of Companies
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:699 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON
  • Units:2884

25. Seaton Whitevale

  • By Mattamy Homes Canada
  • Project Location:1075 Taunton Road, Pickering, ON
  • Units:129

26. New Seaton

  • By Tower Hill Development Corporation
  • Project Location:Taunton Road & Sideline 26, Pickering, ON
  • Units:TBA

Pre-Construction Homes in Pickering, Ontario: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover the allure of Pickering, a picturesque city nestled in the Durham region of Ontario, just a short 30-minute drive from Toronto. Renowned for its charming tourist attractions such as the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the historic Saxon Church, Pickering beckons investors with its affordable real estate market and convenient proximity to major freeways.

Advantages of Purchasing Pre-Construction Homes in Pickering

1. Comfortable Yet Resourceful Life: Situated amidst Toronto and Ajax, with Lake Ontario to the south, Pickering offers an ideal blend of serene natural surroundings and modern conveniences. Enjoy a peaceful lifestyle without sacrificing access to amenities like businesses, restaurants, and shopping centers.

2. Beautiful Locations to Explore: Pickering boasts stunning sights and landscapes, with picturesque waterfronts, museums, and galleries just minutes away from any property. Whether it's leisurely strolls along the shoreline or cultural outings to local attractions, Pickering offers a rich tapestry of experiences for residents and visitors alike.

3. Top-Tier Educational Institutes: Families relocating to Pickering can rest assured knowing that the city is home to 19 public schools and three esteemed universities, ensuring access to quality education for children. Regardless of where you choose to settle in Pickering, your family can benefit from exceptional academic opportunities.

4. Favorable Real Estate Market: Pickering's real estate market presents an attractive opportunity for first-time investors and young professionals seeking financial stability. Affordable housing prices, coupled with the ability to secure ownership with a modest down payment, make Pickering an accessible option for homeownership. Additionally, the city offers reasonable living expenses, including taxes, groceries, and transportation.

Investing in Pre-Construction Homes in Pickering

With its promising real estate market and desirable quality of life, Pickering emerges as an enticing destination for those seeking pre-construction homes. Stay informed about ongoing projects and upcoming developments to capitalize on the opportunities available in this vibrant city.

Unlock the potential of Pickering's real estate market and secure your dream home by exploring pre-construction homes in Pickering today.

Moving to Pickering, Ontario? Find out PROS of living in Pickering:

The Real Cost of Living in Pickering, Ontario | Essential Tips Before Relocating!

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