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( 2024 )

12 New Pre construction homes, condos and townhomes for sale in Vaughan.

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New and preconstruction condo projects in Vaughan (2023)

Updated by Condomonk on October 09, 2023

1. 1150 Centre Street Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

1150 Centre Street, Vaughan, ON

Postal Code: L4J 3N8

Developed by: Sorbara Group of Companies

No of units: 375

In Vaughan's heart, Sorbara Group introduces the 1150 Centre Street Condos, blending architectural excellence with Beverley Glen's charm. This development offers townhomes and condos, ensuring luxury, comfort, and proximity to amenities.

2. 180 Steeles Avenue West Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

180 Steeles Avenue West, Vaughan, ON

Postal Code: L4J 2L1

Developed by: Mizrahi Developments and Constantine Enterprises Inc.

No of units: 2046

This avant-garde development, currently in its preconstruction phase, promises to blend comfort, luxury, and functionality across its 2046 units.

3. 2966-2986 Highway 7 Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

7733 Keele Street, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4K 1Y5

Developed by: Mizrahi Developments and Constantine Enterprises Inc.

No of units: 2046

Addington Developments proudly announces its latest condominium venture in the illustrious City of Vaughan. Situated tantalizingly close to York University and Pearson Airport, this stellar community promises seamless connectivity to the GTA's finest attractions and beyond, setting the gold standard for urban living.

4. 5655 Highway 7 Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

5655 Highway 7, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code:L4L 1T7

Developed by: Fora Developments

No of units: 3390

Unveiling the future of luxury living: 5655 Highway 7 Condos by Fora Developments, situated right at the heart of Vaughan. Currently in its visionary preconstruction phase and boasting a grand total of 3,390 units, this is an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss. Dive into the future—visit the site now and witness the evolution of elite condominium living.

5. 7028 Yonge Street Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

7028 Yonge Street, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4J 1V7

Developed by: The Gupta Group

No of units: 1902 

Discover 7028 Yonge, where Toronto, Markham, and Vaughan converge. This majestic 3-tower oasis boasts 1,902 residences, a luxury hotel, upscale retail, and direct access to the upcoming Yonge North Subway expansion. A prime location at Yonge & Steeles invites you to witness unparalleled urban living. Explore now!

6. Victory Condominium

Project Location: Vaughan

7034 Islington Avenue, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4L 1V8

Developed by: Elite Developments

No of units: 220 

Dive into the future of upscale living with Victory Condominium by Elite Developments. Nestled at 7034 Islington Avenue in Vaughan and boasting 220 meticulously designed units, this preconstruction gem promises a lifestyle like no other. Don't miss out; explore Victory today!

7. 175 Millway Avenue Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

175 Millway Avenue, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4K 5K8

Developed by: SmartCenters

No of units: 798

Discover 175 Millway: a masterful blend of office, hotel, and condo spaces in Vaughan's Metropolitan Centre. Experience unmatched connectivity to the city, premier amenities, and an iconic design by Gensler Architects. Be part of this vibrant urban retreat. Explore SmartVMC today!

8. 7800 Jane Street Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

7800 Jane Street, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4K 4R6

Developed by: Aspen Ridge Homes

No of units: 1177 

Unveiling 7800 Jane Street Condos by Aspen Ridge Homes - an upcoming gem in Vaughan with 1177 exquisite units. Step into a world of unparalleled design and luxury. Don't miss out, explore 7800 Jane Street today!

9. 7800 Jane Street Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

Highway 7 & Kipling Avenue, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4L 1T3

Developed by: First Avenue Properties

No of units: 166

Discover 5225 Highway 7 Condos by First Avenue Properties, Vaughan's upcoming luxury destination with 166 curated units. Nestled at the prime intersection of Highway 7 & Kipling Avenue, it's where modernity meets convenience. Dive into elegance—secure your spot now!

10. 3300 Highway 7 Condos

Project Location: Vaughan

3300 Highway 7, Vaughan,  ON

Postal Code: L4K 4M3

Developed by: Ripple Developments

No of units: 1187

Dive into Vaughan's future luxury at 3300 Highway 7 Condos by Ripple Developments. Boasting 1187 impeccable units, this upcoming gem in preconstruction promises unparalleled elegance. Don't miss out on Vaughan's newest upscale living. Explore now!

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