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New Pre Construction Homes
in Cambridge
( 2024 )

9 New Pre construction homes, condos and townhomes for sale in Cambridge.

Launching Soon - New Construction Projects in Cambridge

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Pre construction homes in Cambridge:

Discover the pinnacle of New Construction opportunities with pre construction homes in Cambridge, exclusively at Unveiling a curated collection of upcoming pre-construction home projects in Cambridge, Condomonk stands as your premier destination for navigating the dynamic real estate landscape. Dive into our comprehensive database, meticulously crafted to showcase the latest in New Pre construction homes, empowering you to make informed investment decisions. Don't miss out on your chance to secure the perfect pre-construction home in Cambridge. Explore now!

1. The Gaslight District Condos

  • By HIP Developments
  • Starting from Low $ 553.9k
  • Project Location:15 Glebe Street, Cambridge, ON, Canada
  • Units:400

2. LJM Riverview Condos

  • By LJM Developments
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:193 Water Street South, Cambridge, ON
  • Units:941

3. River Mill Condos

  • By New Horizon Development Group
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:1065 Speedsville Road, Cambridge, ON, Canada
  • Units:465

4. Cambridge Mill Hotel and Residences

  • By Pearle Hospitality
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:130 Water Street North, Cambridge, ON
  • Units:250

5. 61-69 Ainslie Street South Condos

  • By Atlantic Development Group
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:69 Ainslie Street South, Cambridge
  • Units:389

6. The Textile Factory

  • By Blacks Point Development
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:211 Queen Street West, Cambridge, ON
  • Units:130

7. Cachet On The Park Condos

  • By Park Haven Group
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:12 Tannery Street East, Cambridge, ON
  • Units:40

8. Modal At Main

  • By Reid's Heritage Homes
  • Pricing not available
  • Project Location:345 Franklin Boulevard, Cambridge, ON
  • Units:829

Exploring Life in Cambridge, Ontario

Local Government:

Cambridge has a Mayor and eight Counsellors, with representation on the Waterloo Regional Council. The city oversees transport, community services, social services, and healthcare.


There are various primary and secondary schools in Cambridge, including private and public options. Additionally, there is a Theological College in the city. Cambridge offers early learning centers such as Montessori Education and MindChamps Preschool to prepare children for lifelong learning.


Cambridge is part of the Waterloo Region and is approximately 82-90 km from Toronto, accessible by train, bus, or car. The Toronto Pearson Airport Shuttle and train services connect to Cambridge.


Cambridge has a diverse population, with families being the largest demographic group. The city's median age is 41, indicating it is attractive for families. With industrial growth and property prices, there are ongoing employment opportunities. Cambridge's scenic locations attract filmmakers, contributing to community pride.


Healthcare services in Cambridge are provided by Cambridge Memorial Hospital, offering a range of medical services with trained staff.

Real Estate:

Cambridge offers a range of housing options, from new homes to period houses. Prices start around $400,000, with options for smaller homes like bungalows and even Tiny Homes. Conduct research and consult multiple agents when considering real estate in Cambridge.


Discover the charm of Cambridge, Ontario, situated at the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers. Founded in 1973 through the amalgamation of Galt, Preston, Hespeler, and surrounding townships, Cambridge has evolved into a cosmopolitan city while retaining its rich historical roots. Here are seven compelling reasons why living in Cambridge is a delight:

  • Nature's Haven: Surrounded by lush parks and conservation areas like Shade’s Mills Conservation Area, Riverside Park, and Churchill Park, Cambridge is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts offering hiking trails, picnic spots, and various recreational activities.

  • Thriving Culinary Scene: With a diverse range of restaurants catering to local and international palates, Cambridge boasts a vibrant foodie culture. From the historic Cambridge Mill to cozy spots like 13 Food + Beverage, culinary delights abound.

  • Shopping Delights: Whether you prefer boutique shopping or big-box retail therapy, Cambridge has it all. Explore Cambridge Centre for a wide range of shopping options or wander through the charming streets of Downtown Cambridge dotted with unique boutiques.

  • Educational and Employment Hub: Home to renowned universities like the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, Cambridge offers excellent educational opportunities. Its booming economy attracts start-ups and high-tech firms, making it a top tech center.

  • Rich Historical Heritage: Dive into history at sites like McDougall Cottage Historic Site and Forbes Textile Mill, and experience the vibrant culture at the Cambridge Farmers’ Market, showcasing local produce and crafts since 1830.

  • Proximity to Nature: The Grand River runs through the heart of Cambridge, providing picturesque views and a range of water activities. Enjoy boating, fishing, or simply relax by the riverside.

  • Small Screen Fame: Cambridge's scenic beauty has made it a popular filming location for TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Murdoch Mysteries, adding to its allure.

Explore the well-crafted homes in Cambridge's Westwood Village, just minutes away from downtown. Experience the best of city living amidst natural beauty and modern amenities. Visit our Westwood Village website to discover your dream home in Cambridge.

I am looking to buy a new construction home in Cambridge, Ontario. Are there any other hidden costs when buying a Preconstruction home I need to consider?

There are lots of detached homes, townhomes and condos reconstruction projects in Cambridge. Even though the purchase price of a pre-construction home might look cheaper than a resale on paper, be sure to budget for hidden costs in new construction such as:

  * GST/HST, which the government charges on newly built homes

  * Connecting utilities like gas and electricity

  * Putting up eavestroughs and downspouts

  * Air conditioner installation

  * Major appliances — refrigerator, stove, and so on

  * Blinds

  * Fencing

  * Automatic garage door opener

All those upgrades are in addition to the typical closing costs and fees you would pay when buying a home.

Pros of Living in Cambridge:

1. Rich Cultural Scene: From the Fashion History Museum to art galleries and theaters, Cambridge offers a vibrant cultural experience.

2. Natural Beauty: With extensive hiking trails, riverside activities, and parks like Riverside Park, Cambridge is a paradise for nature lovers.

3. Family-Friendly Activities: The Cambridge Conservatory, Sculpture Garden, and various events like the Cambridge Arts Festival provide ample entertainment for families.

4. Historical Charm: Explore historic sites like McDougall Cottage, the former Galt Post Office, and admire the historic stone cottages that showcase the city's heritage.

5. Affordable Housing: With a median house price of $457,000 and a range of housing options, Cambridge is an affordable place for families to live.

6. Convenient Location: Situated near Highway 401 and just 90 km from Toronto, Cambridge offers easy access to major cities and employment opportunities.

7. Growing Business Center: The city's growing business sector provides employment opportunities and attracts major stores, contributing to economic growth.

Cons of Living in Cambridge:

1. Railway Crossings: The presence of railway lines can pose challenges for traffic safety.

2. Crime Concerns: There are reported concerns about high levels of sexual assault crimes, particularly for individuals walking alone at night.

3. Controversial Facilities: Controversies surround facilities like the Safe Injecting Room, leading to community discussions.

4. Demographic Imbalance: For single women in certain age groups, there may be challenges in meeting eligible partners due to gender imbalances.

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